Creativity for a Cause

Creativity for a Cause
Stampin' Up! is a global sponsor for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As the assistant lead for Stampin' Up! at the Tampa, FL location, I provide the House with hand-stamped cards for families to use during their stay. Contact me to help me create cards for this worthwhile cause.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Up!  The Movie....

 I can't take credit for the amazing hand-stamped card shown above. I've tried to find Janet, the creator, based on the blog signature on the picture, but I'm unable to locate her blog by searching. If you know her, please let chime in.  I wanted to give her full credit for this creation.   Her "Up" card reminded me of my daughter's Halloween costume from last year.  She was attending an annual costume party and insisted on being the "house from the movie Up!"  Can you guess who did all the work? Yep, my husband and I set up a card table in my stamp room and we painted, hot glued and put details on this project for DAYS!  It was a lot of fun AND SHE WON for most original costume.  There's a funny story behind this costume, though.  The house was created from several different size cardboard boxes that we taped together then painted.  My daughter was actually INSIDE the box where hand-made straps helped her carry it on her shoulders.  Because of it's size it would not fit in her Honda so she had to borrow my husband's pick up truck to get to and from the party.  Around 10pm that night, while on her way home, she called me and said "Mom, the wildest thing just happened.  I was pulling up to a stop light and the house LITERALLY lifted UP and OUT of the bed of the pick up truck and is floating way in the air!"  At first I thought "oh my gosh, I hope it doesn't land on someone or something", but soon we bust out laughing.  The only thing we can figure out is that the velocity of the wind from driving had lifted it up enough to get it airborne and off it went.  Thankfully it made it TO the party!  Guess this costume lived up to it's movie title...UP it went!

We did use various colors of Stampin' Up! cardstock to create the accents. 

This Halloween think how Stampin' Up! products can help put the finishing touches on your costumes.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Rhinestone Jewels (pg. 175)
  • Pearl Jewels (pg. 175)
  • 3 1/2" Scalloped Tulle Ribbon (Holiday Catalog pg. 5)
  • Sticky Strip (pg. 177) - I regularly fix hems with this stuff. It's super strong!
  • Googlies (Holiday Catalog pg. 27)
  • Paper Daisies (pg. 175)
  • Buttons (pg. 176)

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  1. This is a fabulous card and story of how we can incorporate our SU products in to so many facets of our daily lives. My daughter just used a bunch of my SU products to finish her science project. Such lucky kids to have a stamp studio at their disposal aaay Ma? That is too funny about the house blowing up and AWAY!! lol