Creativity for a Cause

Creativity for a Cause
Stampin' Up! is a global sponsor for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As the assistant lead for Stampin' Up! at the Tampa, FL location, I provide the House with hand-stamped cards for families to use during their stay. Contact me to help me create cards for this worthwhile cause.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stamp Room Renovation

I've been putting money aside for this change and the day finally arrived!  My husband and I spent three days shopping, comparing, installing and decorating my stamp room.  I've posted some before and after photos. 

 My room was amazing before this renovation but with the Stampin' Up!'s change in stamp cases to all "DVD type" cases it was 'time' to change the storage system I had used for 15 years. 
 Six years ago, while I was at Stampin' Up! Convention, my husband and my daughter spent an entire week creating this room for me as a birthday present. NICE GIFT, HUH?   My husband purchased kitchen cabinets and cut the bottom baseboard off so they would be shorter than typical counter top height. I'm only 5'4" so I'm 'height challenged'. 
The lateral file cabinet holds all my customer's order forms and the white stackable drawers hold my 12x12 cardstock. 

I cleaned out the entire closet (not pictured but it's awesome with lots of shelves) and threw away YEARS of stuff that needed to go.  I had four trash bags and two bags for Goodwill.  

 The valance is not the "valance". This is fabric that I chose which a dear friend will make into a valance for me.  I just wanted to be sure I liked the colors and I do. This picture doesn't do the colors justice. The red is a 'barn red', rich and warm.  This room now feels so homey.  There are some little things that still need to be done, like finding a place to hang my cross plaque.
 I have so many punches that I was opening and closing drawers (multiple ones, too!) all day long.  I wanted them hung on the wall so they would be easily accessible.  We bought the bars at Ikea in the kitchen/bath section. They were very inexpensive but work like a charm.  I rearranged EVERYTHING!  I'm very much a "fish outta' water" right now, trying to find the new location of things but I'm loving the organization of this new set up. 
The shelves were the biggest and most exciting change.  You can see that I still have stamp cases that need to be "converted".  In the meantime, I've grouped the stamps together by category.  The glass jars on the top are filled with small accessories; buttons, sponges, etc.  Believe it or not, I can reach on top of that shelf - well, on my tip-toes. ((grin))

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  1. Love your new setup! I can totally relate to being able to reach stuff on the top shelf. It's also a great idea to have your punches out. I have mine in plastic boxes, and even if I can see through the box, I still have to open boxes to get the one I want. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm really happy with it. My husband worked all weekend on this project and did an incredible job! I'm LOVING my punches on the wall. I can't tell you how many times a day I would open the drawers they used to be in. I'm very blessed, no doubt! Thanks for your comments!

  2. It doesn't always need to be a major renovation to change settings, right? I'm glad you're happy with the outcome, Lisa. :) You do your best at work if you're happy with what you do and where you are, after all.