Creativity for a Cause

Creativity for a Cause
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shelli's Kanab Apartment

There were many highlights of my Founders Circle Trip and the Kanab facility was one of my favorites!  I promised you pictures of Shelli's apartment which is above the Kanab facility and here they are.  The executive team stays in this apartment while they are in Kanab for meetings.  
Here I am with Sara, Shelli's daughter, who was our gracious hostess. This picture was taken in their living room in front of a gorgeous stone fireplace.

Another view of the living room.  The fireplace is to the left of this photo. 

This is the stunning, pyramid, glass ceiling in the family room.  It allows tons of light to come in which is especially important since three of the walls in the family room are surrounded by glass windows and doors.  This room is in the middle of the apartment.

 The family room. I love that you can see how family orientated Shelli is. The kids have their own play corner!  I took this picture standing in the glass doorway of the room.
 This is the other end of the family room. You can see how the glass surrounds the room better in this view.
 One of the guest rooms. I was told that Shelli and her Mom handmade the quilts in each room.  The wood work is amazing; the doors, base boards and even the wooden shutters make every room feel warm and inviting.
 Another guest room.  Each room has it's own style.  There is a "Jack and Jill" bathroom between these two rooms.  The apartment has 3 full baths and one half bath.  I had to my day you were lucky if an apartment had more than one bathroom!
 The kitchen/dining room is equally as cozy. Shelli's taste is prominent throughout the entire apartment.  It's an eclectic array of collectibles, all neatly arranged that work wonderfully together.
 The kitchen is set up in an octagon shape. The granite counter tops are spacious (it wraps all the way around - not pictured).  I loved Shelli's use of the old-fashioned aprons as valance.

This is the entrance to Shelli's bedroom. The sitting area is so cozy and comfy. 
Yep, this is Shelli's bedroom.  It screams her; the colors, the vintage look. The master bath is through the open door in the rear which houses a full size jacuzzi tub, glass enclosed shower and double vanity.  It's beautiful yet comfy.  I could easily live here.  (smile)
Lots of people ask me if Shelli is creative and the answer is YES, big time!  The framed family picture on this wall is a great example of the things she enjoys creating.  I love her use of ribbon to create a pattern.  

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