Creativity for a Cause

Creativity for a Cause
Stampin' Up! is a global sponsor for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As the assistant lead for Stampin' Up! at the Tampa, FL location, I provide the House with hand-stamped cards for families to use during their stay. Contact me to help me create cards for this worthwhile cause.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kanab - where it's made!

The Kanab, Utah location is absolutely beautiful!  It doesn't look anything like a manufacturing plant, does it?  The inside is just as gorgeous. I'll share the lobby pictures with you tomorrow. NOTE: You won't want to miss it! There are loads of samples in the display cases!
When we arrived all the employees were lined up on the entrance sidewalk, cheering, clapping and holding signs, welcoming us. I get choked up just thinking about that reception.  The high-fives I received as I walked down that sidewalk, entering this building for the first time, was both exhilarating and humbling. 
This is just one of many rolls of rubber that are used to create our stamps.  Each roll is dated (9/3) on when it arrives in the facility. The rolls only last about 2 months before it goes 'bad'.  Who knew?
The in-house paper cutter is an amazing thing. It's enormous!  This Coastal Cabana cardstock is about 3' wide x 4' tall.  It's then placed in the cutter and cut to 8.5x11 or 12x12.
 Here the cut cardstock is collated then shrink wrapped.  On the day of our visit they were making up assorted packages of cardstock.  The bins of paper are hand-stacked by an employee when they empty.  I was surprised to see that everything is still done by hand. 
 After the cardstock is shrink wrapped it rolls down this short conveyor belt when it's hand boxed. The boxes are then driven to the Stampin' Up! Riverton location where it's stocked to ship to us when we order. 
Interesting display, huh?  Every month Stampin' Up! holds and "Innovation Day" for it's employees. Normal production is halted and everyone gathers to think of new ways to use our products.  This display board was so much fun because it showcased projects I would have NEVER thought of!  There was a checker board game made from cardstock and punched pieces, a sticker book made from images we put on our stamps, banners, etc.  I think Innovation Day is a great morale booster for the employees as well as allowing the company to use the creativity of those that don't typically stamp.  

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